Time went on and my career began to offer opportunities for acting somewhat like a life coach for “at risk” patients.  We worked together to figure out how they could take better care of themselves.  It meant helping them design their own plan of care.  These duties gave me experience in figuring how to apply medical knowledge that could make their lives better. 
And now, I am using this background in my own business by acting as a facilitator to help employees, families, and our society find ways of addressing the stresses in our lives.  You will see that all of my works, in some way, can help people of every walk in life to be healthier and happier by learning to manage their stress in more beneficial ways

 Re The UNKINKED Primer Online Course


"This Primer has great examples of everyday situations that anyone can identify with and is thought provoking and personal without taking too much time to digest.  Great tips for being intentional with your actions and cultivating happiness!"  Signed by Angie Caruthers.​

"This course is easily accessible, approachable and flexible enough to benefit any person, at whatever level of their personal development, with whatever amount of time, energy and interest  each person has available to invest."  Signed by Cynthia Weeks.

First, of all I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, and a grandparent. I have had the challenge of raising a blended family. And for over 30 years, like many of you, I have tried to juggle a demanding career, as well.


My story begins like this---

By my late-thirties, I found myself to be a single mother, raising 4 children from the ages of 16 to 8 years old. Now I was forced to work full-time outside the home. If life had been chaotic before, it was hugely magnified now. There were many days that the world was revolving too fast to jump off, even for just a short rest. And no end was in sight! As time went on, I was offered a position in which I would be a stress management coach for my co-workers (other registered nurses like myself), in addition to my usual duties, of course. So, I set out to become more knowledgeable about that topic. And as I learned, I shared with my fellow employees

Hello!  My name is Cathy Brown. 

I am the owner of The Unkinked Lifestyle, LLC.  And my business is about stress management training.  So allow me to tell you about myself, my credentials and how this business began.