​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What Is A "Color Me Unkinked" Social?

What?     Adult Coloring Events 
Why?    Relax and have fun, while you learn about the impact of stress and where to go for some solutions.   
Where?     Local Neighborhood Venues

Bring your favorite coloring book or sample some of mine.  Check out artists such as:
Thaneeya McArdle in Nature Mandalas
Valentina Harper in Four Seasons
​Ben Kwok in Wildlife Designs

                 (Use of coloring books by these authors or of activity supplies does not imply affiliation with,                              nor endorsement of those products 

by The Unkinked Lifestyle, LLC.)

If you are new to adult coloring books, you can just enjoy the party as a social event or you can learn about color theory, techniques, shading, or patterning.

Sample an assortment of coloring materials or you can bring your own.

You will be briefly introduced to:
A Stress Management Training Program sponsored by The Unkinked Lifestyle, LLC

This event includes a complimentary light lunch, where you can choose your house favorites!

So Start Your Nurture...Marvel...Explore Adventure Today
A "Color Me Unkinked" Social Event!