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Autumn Fly Fishing
By Cathy Brown

It was November 2009 at Beavers Bend State Park. This was the Brown's third vacation to southeastern Oklahoma. The first time, they had rented a deluxe log cabin; it was then that Cathy fell in love with the idea of fly fishing. As they were traveling down a road, suddenly either side of them opened up into a beautiful riverbed that just begged to be explored; in fact, it was currently being upgraded for fly fishing. The very next year, the couple took fly fishing lessons while they vacationed in Colorado, with the intent of coming back to Beavers Bend to fish. Later on that year they dabbled with it a little, standing on the water's edge at Beavers Creek there at Beavers Bend, but were not yet outfitted to actually wade into the water like true fly fishermen. But THIS year, they had their equipment ready---waders, waterproof boots, fishing vests, etc.
Finally, the day had come to make their dream come true! Just putting all of the fishing gear on was quite a feat. First, their "footed" waders were wiggled into. Cathy's waders just came up to the waistline. But her husband wore the bib type which covered part of the chest as well. Then waterproof boots with felt soles came next; the felt would stabilize their feet in the slippery mud of the river bottom. And lastly, the all-important fishing vest would make its debut, storing all the essentials needed like an extra line, fish hooks, a net, weights, a knife to cut the line, etc. When they approached the riverbank in all their paraphernalia, Cathy could not help but chuckle at the thought of how awkward they must look as they waded into the swift waters of the Mountain Fork River. 
Now fly fishing is known, not just as a sport, but also as an art. It is not a lazy man's game, and that is what Cathy liked about it. She wanted something not only relaxing, but a sport that would also keep her interest. The couple eagerly tried to remember everything they had learned in their class the previous year. At the end of the day, neither of them had caught any fish, but they had a wonderful time enjoying the crisp fall air, savoring the sensation of cold river water swirling around their ankles and soaking up the tranquility of nature all around them. There had been nothing disappointing about THIS vacation!


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