•   Three hours in a classroom setting, facilitated by a registered nurse
  •   A colorful, interactive workbook designed to fit your individual needs
  •   A calendar tool to encourage you to keep practicing your new skills
  •   Monthly e-newsletters for further training and support 
  •   A study guide that ... 

              Teaches "people skills" to use in difficult situations

              Focuses on ways to help prevent "burnout" 

BONUS:  A colorful "logo" bag to put it all in


Designed for your convenience, these local workshops/classes/online courses can be a welcome alternative to seminars that take up most of your day and then still don't provide ongoing monthly training and support, as well! 

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Perk # 1---In this program, learning is an on-going process…                                            You will start out with a colorful, interactive workbook that presents seven stress management concepts. That will be followed by a complementary monthly e-newsletter (contingent upon availability) that offers additional stress tips, projects, experiments, event news, related products, etc.   And you will have a calendar tool to help you stay focused on stress management principles for months to come!

 Perk # 2---In this program, joyful color is incorporated into the learning process.
              The workbook presents principles in colorful detail.  It’s NOT a boring black and white textbook printed in small font.  The e-newsletter uses nature photography to enhance the learning experience.  And the calendar tool is useful for developing the habit of taking little “mini” VISUAL vacations to refresh your spirit.

Perk # 3---In this program, a RN case manager has used methods, built into the workbook, that will help facilitate individual learning… By guiding the students through practice exercises and by asking questions that can help students think through important topics, the author helps students customize a plan of action that works best for them.

 Perk # 4---In this program, the aim is to learn without undue additional stress…               There are no tests. There are no deadlines. There are no large textbooks to plod  through.

Perk # 5---In this program, principles will be taught that tend to...                                      Improve the enjoyment of  your personal life, enhance your health and boost your work potential.




     Re the UNKINKED Junior Stress Workshop

(For Pre-teens & Teens)

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Donna Pierce, Directior of Krum Public Library in Krum, Texas



  The UNKINKED Primer Online Course​:

 Presented in a convenient and upbeat online platform, this course offers practical   applications of stress management concepts meant to help you deal more effectively   with your busy schedule.  Warm up with  ideas and techniques that can add a layer of   comfort  to your personal  life, as well as  helping to empower your professional one!

 FOR INDIVIDUALS --- Designed to accommodate students who have limited or no   access to local stress management workshops OR who just prefer to study at home in   their own time, this course is an online collection of 12 colorful stress management     lessons. 

 FOR GROUPS --- This online "Lunch-N-Learn" course is ideal for busy organizations   as a vital component of "in-house continuing education".  Introduce your workforce to   basic stress management concepts that can enhance the workplace culture, increase   productivity and improve the employee retention rate.



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