Adult Coloring Workshop - Social Event

 What You Can Expect:                                                                                 $24.99 per person

For 2 hours you can relax, have fun and socialize while you learn how stress affects our lives and some possible solutions. Coloring pages and color pencils are supplied! You can even learn some coloring techniques and experiment with a variety of coloring tools. Schedule your local event today!

      WHEN?  To be announced.                                                     Limit of 40 attendees

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 UNKINKED - Workshop

What You Can Expect:      FREE INTRODUCTORY CLASS!                                        Scroll down to RSVP below.

  •    A 60 minute upbeat, interactive presentation is designed to give you a glimpse of the workshop. 
  •   A short stress lesson will introduce you to one of a group of stress management principles.
  •   A delightful creative group activity is designed to teach one way to help you relax.

      WHEN?  Saturday, July 27, 2019      2:30 - 3:30 PM                    
      WHERE?  Lillie Russell Memorial Library    (903) 882-1900     

                       200 E. Hubbard Street                                  Limit of 40 attendees

                       Lindale, Texas 75771                 (Standard Course is $49.03)

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     UNKINKED Junior - Workshop​
What You Can Expect:                                                                            $34.99 per child

  •         7 colorful, upbeat lessons on stress management topics designed especially for pre-teens
  •        A insightful art project that incorporates the lessons; all materials supplied
  •        A small storybook about stress and families, called Andy's Camping Adventure 
  •       Once the workshop is completed at 1 PM, each child is given a $10.00 food card    

        WHEN?  To be announced.                                                  Limit of 15 kids         

        WHERE?  To be announced                                                SCROLL DOWN TO ENROLL


          ***For kids from 10-12 years old.***




    What You Can Expect:                                                                             $29.99 per person

  •     A personal glimpse into what the Bible has to offer on the topic of more stress-free living
  •    A 2-hour upbeat, interactive presentation with “break-out” sessions
  •    A beautifully illustrated book of thought-provoking daily devotionals to take home

      WHEN?  To be announced.                                                        Limit of 20 attendees

      WHERE?  To be announced.                                                     ​SCROLL DOWN TO ENROLL


Designed for your convenience, these local workshops/seminars can be a welcome alternative to events that take up most of your day and then still don't provide ongoing training and/or support, as well! 


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