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Maybe enthusiasm for their work has been diluted due to stress in their personal lives.  You can help them get their "mojo" back by providing them with self-directed training using this colorful stress management workbook. Click on UNKINKED.

A Calendar of Jewels

Did you realize that old calendars can serve as a personal diary show-casing lessons in patience and resilience?  It is amazing what the scribbles can reveal.  This “bird’s eye view” of how my life has evolved over time…for the better...has been life-changing for me.  Why not see what jewels YOU can discover from your own old calendars?

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Do you want your children or grandchildren to think it is acceptable to feel pent up, frazzled or otherwise stressed out most of the time? This interactive workbook is YOUR chance to learn living skills that can better manage stress. Let your own lifestyle demonstrate healthier and happier ways to approach life!  For a PREVIEW click on


 Andy’s Camping Adventure

Come along with six-year-old Andy on his first camping trip!  Feel his excitement as a scavenger hunt leads him to buried treasure.  And use the clues to figure out what was causing the mysterious reappearing animal tracks.  It was an experience that changed his family life forever...for the better!  For a PREVIEW click on CAMP.

​​​Just Thinking

The gift of life...what is it all about?  Have you ever wondered why you were born?  Do you feel compelled to find answers to your questions about your origin and purpose?   Take a little time each day to learn how to nurture your own spirituality, while you marvel over 20-plus amazing, beautiful, and inspiring photographs.  For a PREVIEW click on THINK.

Works By Cathy Brown
This author presents a variety of stress management tools, hoping to enhance the everyday life of her readers.  They include works for adults (self-help), for children (adventure/fiction), and for the family (a choice of calendar topics designed to interest all ages and sexes).  Liberal use of colorful photographs and designs have been utilized for your reading pleasure.   See a free preview of her latest literary and photographic publications at  And watch for selected books by this author on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites, too!  Note her current list of works below. 

​How to Help Relieve Stress




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the author' works as she gives a short introduction. 

Stress Management Training

Can Start With Elements of Nature

​​​The Prairie Flower Gazette  includes:

  • Stress management health tips
  • Dates/times of events associated with health festivals and book fairs
  • References or links to other resource material
  • Introductions to the author's books/tools ​


Stress management training  is about the way we PLAY.   



 A business dedicated to offering stress management guides for healthy living.

Find tools that are suitable for the workplace AND for the whole family!

Stress management training  is about the way we WORK.


Stress management training is about the way we THINK.  




Take a "mini vacation" by clicking HEREEven when you are at work,  make room for a short visual reprieve from your tasks  by scheduling a few minutes to refresh yourself between customers and obligations.  This link will show you one way to do that using nature photos. 


Empower Your Workforce!

Why not empower your employees, clients, and patients by making sure they get the stress management training that can help them be more of what they are capable of?  Less stressed people tend to make better employees, as well as happier, more successful individuals.